Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Do Star Trek the Next Generation and Spooks (MI-5) Have in Common?

Don't laugh. I'm good at this. : )

So, I just realized that a very old love (Star Trek the Next Generation) has a lot in common with my new love (Spooks/MI-5). Here they are (the similarities), in no particular order:
  1. Very cool high tech gadgetry;
  2. Small coherent core team of characters working together in a larger context of faceless others that can be seen in the background but never really met;
  3. An isolated work place (spaceship, the grid) where the team is separated by actual distance (space) or security-necessitated "distance" from the rest of the population;
  4. An environment where the work never really ends -- where characters may loosely go "off duty" but where the work predominates everything;
  5. Thus, the insular work group is everything - friend, family, and social order;
  6. A strong order/rank relationship exists among and between the characters;
  7. And a strong sense of duty to a higher goal or purpose drives all the characters, both individually and collectively;
  8. Similar hinted at and occasionally expressed deeper feelings and relationships exist among a few of the team members -- for instance Harry/Ruth a bit like Picard/Crusher and Adam/Ros a bit like Riker/Troi maybe?;
  9. Each show has a wonderful and kick-ass British actor at the helm.


  1. I preferred Voyager myself!

  2. You know, you're right! Its been so long since I watched these, I'd forgotten about Voyager - but that one was a really great series. I'll have to watch some episodes again to remember which I liked better. : )