Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lets Get Real -- MI-5's Ros Myers is Amazing.

Ros Myers of MI-5 (Spooks) kicks ass. She has a great hair cut. She is a seriously ripped hard body. (I only know that part because in one episode, she is shown lying on her bed grieving for a team member who's died and she's wearing a strappy tank. Her shoulders and biceps are amazing!) She wears skinny jeans and has long legs.

Were she to be photographed with an eye toward presenting her beauty she would be stunning. She has gorgeous eyes and great bone structure. But in Spooks, she is shot with a camera just inches from her face. She wears minimal makeup. She is about 40 years old and you can tell because the camera is not seeking beauty lighting when it films her (or anyone else on the show). Her face is lined.  That the character of a beautiful actress' face is allowed to be brazenly depicted on screen for all to see is a tremendous thing. No one is putting Vaseline on the lens in Spooks; if anything, they seem to seek out harsh shots to depict agents that are far from perfect, lined with the stress and care that has come from years of doing a difficult job.

But the wonderful part of seeing our actors this way is that it allows the viewer to really relate to them. She is amazing and leads a spectacular life but I don't feel jealous of her. We are very far apart in almost every way, yet I get to love her because I see her as a complete human being who is both fit and beautiful but also really "lived in". Relateable. My face looks like that too. I have loose neck skin and deep lines. And I am beautiful. Just like Ros.

And its not just Ros, the secret agent, who is brave. How many 40ish actresses are as brave as Hermione Norris in allowing herself to be shown in every detail, just as she is - both the stunningly attractive details and the ones most of us seek to hide.

She is an inspiration on so many levels. I do love Ros. If you do too, check out my complete homage to her in: Why Ros Reigns Supreme.

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