Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jonathan Strange is Coming!

Excited enough about this news to drag my sorry butt over the computer and give it a blog post, I am happy to report that Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell will soon be coming to your sets as an adaptation! If you don't know the 2004 novel by Susanna Clark, you should. It is rich and beautifully written and incredibly long (1008 pages), combining a feel of scholarly exposition, with a deeply creative idea -- a Regency-era England, set at the Napoleonic wars, in which magic is possible, but in need of some restoration.

The production, which is said to be a 7 part tv miniseries, is currently filming in England, starring Bertie Carvel as Strage and Eddie Marsan as Norrell.

Its been a few years since I read the book, so I see that I now have some summer reading to do to get in shape for the airing! I suggest you do the same. Despite my best efforts, I cannot seem to lock down a planned air date either in the UK or America but which should be sometime this year (2014) on BBC or BBC America.