Monday, September 26, 2011

Richard Armitage Looks Like Hugh Jackman

This is something I should have said a long time ago, but let not another moment pass before saying it now: Richard Armitage and Hugh Jackman look alike.

That's it. Yes, a pathetically short blog post, but sometimes that's what you get. I will add this: that they are just a few years apart in age and that they look more alike from certain angles. The top two photos here are Hugh, the bottom two are Richard.


  1. I'm with you on this one,I've always thought they are very similar not only in looks but personality too!!

  2. Very similar indeed. When I watched North and South for the first time, I just assumed that was Hugh Jackman. But not sorry to be wrong. The more Hugh Jackman look-alikes the better :)

    FYI, Another look alike pair are Jason Sudeikis from Saturday Night Live and Michael Mosley from Pan Am.

    see 'em side by side here, but I think you have to see their identical smiles to really appreciate their alikeness

  3. and if they ever need someone to play LeeLee Sobieski's mom, they couldn't do better than Helen Hunt

  4. OK, that one of LeeLee Sobieski and Helen Hunt is amazing!! They are incredibly alike.

    Also agree that Jason Sudeikis and Micheal Mosley are very similar! especially their smile.

    Awesome! Thanks for bringing this up :)

  5. I agree about Hugh and Richard... Always get them mixed up