Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank Heavens for Downton Abbey, My Second Love

It is important to have two loves. That way, when one disappoints you, you can turn to the other. A girl can only take so much and tonight I am very thankful for Downton Abbey. Great show.

So on that note . . . SPOILERS for Episode 6, Season 2 of Downton Abbey : )
And if you want to see how it all ends, here's my post on the final episode

I don't like or trust this "Patrick" guy. First of all, Canadian? Far too convenient for any opportunist to come up with this one. " I really didn't die on the Titanic ... I really have just lost my memory. Oh, yeah, and burned beyond recognition. Oh, and of course, having lived awhile in Canada, means I don't sound familiar. ... but trust me, I really am heir to Downton Abbey and I can't believe you don't remember me." No way. I'm glad that Lord Grantham is at least properly skeptical.

And, come on, Anna and Bates, enough barriers for them; this is getting rediculous. It's time to be together. Just run away and live together. She's already offered herself to you as a mistress, Bates. Get out there and enjoy life.

Seriously, time for some middle-aged fun for Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson. They have such a sweet chemistry.

And any time Maggie Smith is speaking is a moment I am in heaven. Especially loved this short exchange with her and Isobel Crawley:

"Cousin Violet is in part to blame. . . "
"-yes, I usually am."

Can't help but notice more and more of the upstairs/downstairs barriers breaking away. And along those lines, the previews look suspiciously suggestive that Lord Grantham is more interested than propriety would strictly allow in the new maid who looks like a younger version of Sandra Bullock. I say, go for it. I need something passionate to cheer for.

. . . by the way, believe it or not, I think I've found the down side to British television. Not enough passion. So if anyone wants to rescue me and suggest some British programs that are typically wonderful in all the ways British programs are . . . but also allows our main characters to consummate their relationships with a bit of passion, let me know. That would be nice for a change.

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