Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spooks Episode 5: the End is Near and It Is Set Up to Be a Fantastic One

It is the sign of a good Spooks Episode when you have to watch it twice because you are so on edge you can't absorb it all the first time. So after watching it a second time I just have to say a few quick things about Episode 5. 

(Oh, and it case that isn't clear, that means SPOILERS here, for episode 5 of series 10.)

First, I have to pat myself on the back. No one can say that I don't know my Harry Pearce. I am so vindicated in my impressions of Harry's feelings for Elena. Last week, if I remember right (and I do), wink. . . I said that I could see that Harry felt only responsibility, history and unpleasantness, but no active love for Elena. See my post about episode 4. I couldn't have been more right. Not to say that I wasn't nervous as hell that "they" were going to "make" Harry be with her in some way, especially when they walked into the safe house together. But what did we ultimately learn about all that this week:
  • that guilt and love can look a lot alike (a ha! they were trying to trick us! And, double ha!, I wasn't fooled, tho maybe Ruth herself was);
  • that he feels reposible for Elena and Sasha; when he sees them he is thinking about past guilt;
  • that he doesn't currently love or even know Elena;
  • that Elena wants him but he's not having any of it, nuh uh...;
  • and that Ruth owned to feeling jealous.
  • Yeah, it was a good episode for Harry and Ruth with no less than 3, count 'em 3, scenes where they are getting real about their feelings,
  • and, though tucked in at an unpleasant moment, as Harry's about to be taken into custody of the Americans', we even got another kiss. I waited a long time for that.

Once again, and on an entirely different note, the episode as a whole was fantastic and exciting.

I hadn't noticed the first time how insanely cool the scene when Erin, Dimitri and Harry are interrogating Jim Coaver and its all in silhouette for a very long time. Its beautiful.

It was followed by some amazing stunt driving with cars whipping around on London streets and Erin hanging out of a car to take a shot. Great spy stuff.

I suppose it goes without saying, though I'll say it anyway: Calum is still an ass.

The scene where Ruth is breaking into the American embassy is brilliant pure perfect Spooks at its best. Love that Ruth got to do that before the show closes its doors once and for all.

The previews for next week were maybe the best part of all. They are setting us up for what looks to be an incredible series finale -- that's "series" in the American sense. The end of the show for good.

. . .brave? Want to see what comes next? Read my post on the final episode.

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