Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ten Reasons why Downton Abbey is a Hard Show to Stay Mad At

I can't lie. Being an Anglophilic enough American, I have already watched all of season 3 of Downton Abbey. Through extraordinary means, I found a way to see the show last fall when it aired in Great Britain.  

But have no fear, there are no spoilers in this post. I have no intention of giving away any details of the current season other than to say that throughout the season I grew unhappy with the show. Particular things became bothersome and I began to feel that the show had drifted from its most excellent roots. I was even planning to write a post giving vent to my frustrations.

And was NOT going to watch tonight's American premiere.

But, then I turned on the TV because there's been so much hype here about the show that even my husband wanted to watch. I thought I'd just sit with him for a few minutes to explain any backstory he might need and then wander off to do my own thing.

But now, he sits sleeping in front of the TV and I have been watching, rapt, for the last hour.

I see that even though I'm mad at the show, I'm still addicted. The addiction is fed by the following:

1. the clothes
2. the cars
3. Maggie Smith
4. the snappy one-liners
5. the fascinating insight into class distinctions
6. exposure to the details and social intricacies of living in high society
7. exposure to the details and intricacies of living in the servant class
8. the rich period details of wallpapers, decor, and kitchen implements
9. an insane hope that, at some point, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson will discover they have the hots for one another
10. the incredibly beautiful and colorful English countryside, exquisitely filmed

With all these things working against me, I don't stand a chance, really.

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