Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clive Owen to the Rescue

The hard part of blogs is the writing in them. [Insert dry pause]. I love having a blog. I just don't love having to scrape together the time for a post the quality of which I will be proud. This is where Clive Owen comes in.

What? You didn't see that coming?

Its a no-brainer really. Post a picture of a hot British guy. Talk about the two things you've seen him in. Make people think: "ah... you know I really should be watching more British film and tv. There is a lot of, er, edification I may be missing out on."

Now I've done my job and everyone's happy.

Thanks Clive.

Clive Owen can be seen in "Elizabeth: the Golden Age" as a surprisingly appealing Sir Walter Raleigh (who'd have thought that Sir Walter Raleigh was worth thinking about in that way? and also in "Gosford Park", which happens to be the best British period drama of all time.)

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